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FootGolf At Gateway Park 

Gateway Park Golf Course is only one of a few sanctioned AFGL courses in Alabama. Join us at Gateway Park and play this fun, fast, and social new sport!

FootGolf = Soccer + Golf
So what is Footgolf?! This new golf hybrid is a cross between soccer and golf. It's fun for all ages and no skills in soccer or golf are necessary. It's a very social sport which makes it great for church groups, team building events and family outings. It's also a unique type of event to raise money for your charity.  

How it Works
It's very similar to golf. Each group consists of up to four players.

Each hole includes tee boxes, greens, bunkers, hazards etc. Players kick a regulation soccer ball on  shorten version of the golf course and aim for the 21-inch diameter cups in as few shots as possible. 

While the soccer ball doesn't travel as far in the air as a golf ball, it will roll much farther in distance. You'll also get a special scorecard designed specifically for your FootGolf round.

FootGolf and golf can be played alongside each other on the same course and both types of play can exist harmoniously together.

What to Wear
Since it's similar to golf, you'll want to wear typical golf apparel, indoor or turf soccer shoes or running/athletic shoes. Many FootGolf players like to wear the knee-length socks and flat caps - but it's not required.

Rates include soccer ball rental. Maximum 4 players per group.

ADULTS:  per person
KIDS 12 & UNDER:  per person

Golf Carts are available
 per rider (Cart is optional. Max. 2 carts per group)

Tee Book Your Tee Times
Just like golf, you'll need to call ahead to book your tee times. Call (334) 284-7920 to book your FootGolf tee times.

Rules of FootGolf
Download the Rules of FootGolf